Welcome to the “Masakari Peninsula” [Teppen Shimokita]


  Location of Mutsu in Aomori Prefecture                           Mutsu City Flag

  <About Mutsu City>

In 2005 the current Mutsu City was formed from the merger of the former Mutsu City, former Kawauchi and Ohata Towns, and former Wakinosawa Village. The combination of the city, two towns, and one village created Mutsu City, the largest municipality in Aomori Prefecture at 863.79km².

 Located in the center of Shimokita Peninsula Mutsu is bordered by the Tsugaru Straight in the North and Mutsu Bay in the South, giving it a unique topography. In the middle of the city you will find Mt. Kamafuse (879m) which is home to Mt. Fear (one of the 3 most sacred places in Japan), and from the observation tower near the top of the mountain you can see the city lights in the shape of a swallowtail butterfly at night. 





 In the North East part of Aomori Prefecture it is the northernmost city on the Honshu Island.

City Hall is located at 41°29’N, 141°18’E

    (*The same latitude as Rome, Italy)  





 Mutsu has a cool climate and is covered with snow from mid-December through late March, however it is not considered a heavy snowfall area.

 In summer a cool wind called Yamase gives Mutsu a moderate climate, making it an easy place to live. 

<Other Info>

 The Japanese Macaque or Snow Monkey is the most northern living monkey in the world, and the most northern living non-human primate in the world.

These northernmost Snow Monkeys are designated by Japan as a National Treasure. 

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